North Star Charter School moves forward, keeps its charter -

North Star Charter School moves forward, keeps its charter


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North Star Charter School moves forward, keeps its charter

By Mike Sharp. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

"Excited, thrilled, just really really happy.”

Those are the relieved words of a parent - a parent who knows her daughter Marjorie will be able to put her books in her locker at North Star Charter School.

And she won't have to worry about having to relinquish that locker until the end of the school year.

"This is one of the top performing schools in the state,” says Ellen Bates, mother of one of the students. “It's the largest charter school in Idaho. I didn't see it shutting down."

That positive attitude is despite Meridian School District voting to revoke the school's charter earlier this summer and then deciding to take that vote back this morning.

Even with all the rumors, parents say they would not let the school fall.

"Parents were very very active,” says Bates. “They made a lot of phone calls and there were a lot of group meetings and we were ready to rally if we needed to."

But they won't need to. The lunch room is packed and the kids are kicking off their new school year with the knowledge that they won't be uprooted this year.

And the parents and students aren't the only happy ones.

The teachers and administrators get to keep their jobs and they shared their own moment of celebration.

"Got a bunch of high fives, just everybody's pretty happy about this,” says North Star Chairman of the Board Jim Miller. “This was a big deal. We did not want to go through the revocation process."

What's next for the school? They decided to pursue becoming a local education agency – which one administrator says would make them pretty much their own district - something he says the Meridian School District is all for.