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Nampa Public Library Seeks an Artist


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Nampa Public Library Seeks an Artist

By Tammy Scardino. CREATED Jul 30, 2014

Construction is in full swing regarding the new public library that is being built in Nampa.

Not only will people have more areas to sit inside, they will also have access to more parking.

A committee is currently searching for an artist that is capable of filling a three-story wall.

They're even hoping to get someone with experience in the 3D realm.

"This initial phase is really not about what their ideas are but what the quality of their work is. And, then we can see if we should take them to the next step and make a proposal of what they would propose putting in the space," says Nampa Public Library Director Mark Rose.

The deadline to get an application in is Friday, August 1 at 2 p.m.
You can contact the Nampa Public Library for more information.

The new library's estimated open date is Jan. of 2015.