Nampa PAL team fights suspension -

Nampa PAL team fights suspension


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Nampa PAL team fights suspension

By On Your Side. CREATED May 7, 2014

Parents of players on a youth tackle football team from Nampa are outraged. The Meridian Police Activities League expelled the coach and suspended his team one game, effectively ending their undefeated season.

The team that was suspended says it's the other team that was at fault and this is a pathetic attempt to remove them from the league. This is a team that, until a few days ago, expected to play in the Meridian PAL championship game. Then they were blindsided by a phone call from the league.

"He had bad news for me that we were going to be suspended for the remainder of the season." said John Evans, Beavers head coach.

Evans was accused of hurling racial insults, coaching dangerous behavior, making obscene gestures, and playing an ineligible player, all things he denies.

"There's no names named, no facts to establish their position." says team attorney Rick Tuha.

"They didn't give us a chance to represent ourselves." says Evans.

Evans says the allegations against his team were actually things perpetrated by the opposing team, TCU. Players parents back that up.

"It seemed like 180 degrees from actuality." says Joe Senn, father of a Beavers player.

On Your Side called PAL Vice President Brian Simer to ask what evidence he had of these allegations against the Beaver team. He said he couldn't comment because it was under appeal. He wouldn't even say if the league had any evidence outside of heresay complaints. Fifteen minutes after our call, a scheduled meeting with the Beavers coach was cancelled.

"Now that they know they've done wrong, they want to revisit the situation and try to make things right." says Evans.

Evans said his PAL teams are undefeated in five years of play and that creates resentment.

"We haven't lost a game since we've been in their league and sometimes people stoop to do things the wrong way. What I want is justice. I'd like for us to be reinstated and be able to go play the championship game like we deserve to. These boys did a ton of hard work."