Nampa fire fighter welcomed back to station -

Nampa fire fighter welcomed back to station


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Nampa fire fighter welcomed back to station

By Jake Melder. CREATED Nov 9, 2013

Saturday, two and a half months after being brutally attacked, Nampa firefighter Captain Chris Cade returned to the fire station.

Returning to his job is an important milestone in getting back to a normal life for the captain. There was no party and there were no songs but Saturday was a special day for Cade and his firefighting brothers.

Two and a half months ago, Cade was attacked while biking on the greenbelt. The attack left him hospitalized for several days.

"It took a couple days in the hospital before reality set in and I realized this was going to be something a little longer term," said Cade.

Cade's road to recovery included multiple reconstructive surgeries and weeks of physical therapy. It seems like a miracle that today he is almost fully healed and back in action.

"Time seems to slow way down and you just start marking days on the calendar, shooting for goals," Cade said.

"Something like this happens to one of our brothers then we're always worried about him,” said Jason Myers, a paramedic with the Nampa Fire Department. “So to be able to see Chris come back and make such a quick recovery and get back online - it's awesome."

While Cade was recovering, his fellow firefighters donated their time off to help cover his absence.

"The word goes out that this is what we're going to do and everybody just kind of steps up and helps out in that way," Myers said.

"I just love the job and wanted to be back” Cade said. “I wanted to get my life back to normal."

The fire department’s physician cleared Cade to return to the station, declaring him fit to perform the duties of the job.