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9-year-old shaves it off for cancer


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9-year-old shaves it off for cancer

By J Bates. CREATED Mar 8, 2014

 BOISE - Mattea Dean saw her mother shave her head for St. Baldrick's five years ago. This year when her mom decided to do it again, Mattea was ready. 

"I was just happy to do it," said Mattea.

The Cole Valley student raised over $700 from classmates alone, and finished in the top five of fundraisers with over $3500 and counting on Saturday.

"When I looked over for the first time, " said Mattea's mother Heather, "It took all of me to hold back the tears I was super proud."

Her story energized the crowd who were stuffing money in her mother's pockets at the event.

When asked how the experience felt, Mattea summed it up perfectly while rubbing her newly shaved head, "It feels soft."