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Local non-profit sends medical supplies to Ebola victims


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Local non-profit sends medical supplies to Ebola victims

By Jake Melder. CREATED Aug 6, 2014

As hundreds in Africa fight the deadly Ebola virus, a local non-profit is hoping to help.

Based out of Nampa, Hands of Hope Northwest donates millions of dollars in medical supplies throughout the world. When the call went out for aid to Africa, they answered with gear that could save thousands of lives.

Their tiny warehouse is filled to bursting with hospital gear, waiting to be shipped out. A non-profit out of Oklahoma, For Him, tapped Hands of Hope for anything they could send in relief to Africa. Right away, they shipped thousands of dollars in medical supplies.

"I immediately checked our list and found out we had two large pallets of n95 masks,” said Executive Director of Hands of Hope Northwest, Debbie Wheeler. “So I offered those to Him and I also found some protected overalls and gloves we sent for the Ebola virus as well."

The masks will be sent to hospitals in West Africa and used by doctors and nurses treating Ebola victims. The simple protection greatly decreases the chances of the disease spreading. It also helps encourage people to help the victims.

Hands of Hope Northwest delivers dozens of pallets of medical gear each week and is always looking for support both in supplies and cash.

For more information on the non-profit and how you can help, go to handsofhopenw.org