Kmart Kicks Off Black Friday Sale Thanksgiving Morning -

Kmart Kicks Off Black Friday Sale Thanksgiving Morning


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Kmart Kicks Off Black Friday Sale Thanksgiving Morning

By Jake Melder. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

Kmart announced today that it will begin its Black Friday deals at six a.m. on Thanksgiving and have the store remain open until eleven o'clock the next day.

The extended hours have people buzzing. Is the retailer grabbing at an opportunity, or are the employees who have to work on the holiday getting the short end of the stick?

"It's with Christmas, with every holiday - everything is just about marketing and sales and what about the families," said one shopper.

The weekend after Thanksgiving has shoppers visiting multiple stores and dropping some serious cash.

According to the National Retail Federation, last year, nearly one-hundred and forty million people did some holiday shopping, spending nearly five hundred and eighty billion dollars.

Stores used to stay closed on Thanksgiving, but as Black Friday sales have increased in recent years, stores are opening up their doors earlier and earlier to try and get a piece of that pie.

Opening at six a-m on Thanksgiving, Kmart will one of the earliest chains to start Black Friday sales, but the move is getting mixed reactions from shoppers.

"It could be profitable for them but I don’t know,” said a shopper at the Kmart in Nampa. “I hope Kmart into the account the families."

"Give the employees an option whether they want to work or not and if they don't want to work they should force them to work on a holiday like that otherwise if they want to make the extra money let them come in and work," suggested another shopper.

"I think people should boycott stores that are going to be doing that to their families. I mean, they can get up and go Friday morning. They don't need to be out shopping on Thursday,” said another Kmart shopper.

People may be split on stores opening early, but the numbers indicate it's a smart move. Over 10% of the weekend's shopping last year were done Thanksgiving night.

For many, part of the holiday festivities include a little bit of shopping.

Kmart may be the earliest store to open, but it won't be the only one.

Sears, Walmart, OfficeMax, JCPennys, Kohl's, and Macy’s will all be open on Thanksgiving.