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Jim's Garden Tip: A green, beautiful lawn


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Jim's Garden Tip: A green, beautiful lawn

By www.idahoonyourside.com. CREATED Aug 14, 2014

Each Thursday during the growing season, Jim Zamzow brings us tips for a beautiful yard and garden. This week, he talks about killing insects and fertilizing in late summer.

And now Jim's Garden Tip. Once your lawn has been diagnosed with insects, the first thing you want to do is kill the insects, and then fertilize. If you fertilize first without putting on an insect control, you're just going to propagate insects. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to killl the bill bugs, and then we want to fertilize.

And in the heat of summer we want to fertilize with a very slow release fertilizer, something high in humus that will help hold water in the soil. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bag. This particular application calls for a setting of four and a half with this particular spreader. Just put your material into the hopper and then you want to make sure that you adequately overlap so that you get the entire lawn area. I like to go around the perimeter lawn one time and then parallel the rest of the time.

Once you've applied your insect control, you want water it in well and then within a day or two, you can fertilize. In the heat of summer, you don't want to use a chemical fertilizers that is high in nitrogen, it can actually cause more problems in your yard than good, so we use a very slow-release organic -based fertilizer. Humus based products are very high in minerals and trace minerals and those of the things that help a grass to be very healthy. If a large area of your lawn has been killed out by insects or disease, then it would be ideal to rake it out and overseed it.

Join me next time for the most important ingredient for a healthy lawn...proper watering.