Inmate Labor Program suspended in Canyon County -

Inmate Labor Program suspended in Canyon County


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Inmate Labor Program suspended in Canyon County

By Lauren Johnson. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

You may not see inmates picking up trash along the highways anymore, at least not in Canyon County. Sheriff Kieran Donahue said he is suspending the Inmate labor detail and work releases programs. Sheriff Donahue says he doesn’t have a choice for suspending the program because of a loss of employees. He said the department is down 23 employees--18 of those were detention officers at the jail.  

Canyon County Commissioners issued a statement in response to the decision. It reads: 

"As County Commissioners, we strongly believe that a continued Labor Detail program is in the best interest of Canyon County and its taxpayers, and are intersted in creating solutions rather than exacerbating problems. We hope to get additional information about these circumstances, and meet with the Administrative District Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Public Defender's Office in the near future to see if we can work out a way to continue to offer this valuble program with or without Sheriff DOnahue's help. We know it can be done."