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I-daho Robot


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I-daho Robot

By Roland Beres. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

Another success story for the Boise State tech center which serves as an incubator for new businesses.

There's a very cool startup that's making waves in the robotic world.

"It's very simple. No different from the tv remote." demonstrates Ryan Okelberry from House of Design, "The program is gonna run and I'll push play."
Push to play, that's the benefit of house of design.
Theyll customize robots for virtually any company
And any task.
Ryan Okelberry and his partners came up with the idea to create custom robots and joined the tech center two years ago.
Since then, business has tripled.

"We believe they have a lot of potential and can add a lot of jobs to the economy. Not just in jobs created but in the amount of money the free up for companies to hire new employees." says Will Fowler from the BSU Tech Center.
Okelberry says it's his goal to help bring back manufacturing in america through technology. His robots can do tasks far more accurately and cheaper,
So humans can do other tasks.
The robots are pre made, but House of Design creates the tools at the arms end and the operating systems.
And now that they have their business model perfected, they may need to create a robot, to count their profits.