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Hope For Healing


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Hope For Healing

By Tara Martin. CREATED Dec 10, 2013

Eleven year old Daniel Robert Cook, who died in Thursday's school bus crash, will be laid to rest on Saturday.

His death is taking a toll on the children who knew and loved him.

But now the Kuna School District has a plan in place to bring comfort to those kids.

For ten elementary school children the horror and tragedy witnessed on that December day will change their lives forever.

However, a dog named "Hope" is working to bring just that: hope and healing.  And - for a few precious moments -  the chance to take away some of the hurt.

Hope is one of ten therapy dogs brought in to the Crimson Elementary School, trained to give the kids emotional support in ways only a canine can.

Julie Bender of Therapy Dogs, Inc. says. "What it already has done is brought a lot of joy back to the school.  We've noticed in the last two days a sense of normalcy returning to the classrooms.  I think it's been helpful not only to the students but to the teachers and staff as well."  Bender says she'll forever cherish the memories of her time with the students.

And perhaps, for just a moment, the students will forget about that tragic day and start the healing process with Hope.

Bender says they're always in need of volunteers to work with local therapy dogs.

You can check out the organization's website here for more info.