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Homedale family fights against General Motors recalls


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Homedale family fights against General Motors recalls

By Patricia McDonald. CREATED Apr 3, 2014

Amador Cortinas' mother is still reeling from the loss of her son.

The Cortinas just returned from Washington D.C. where the CEO of General Motors faced not only members of Congress, but families mourning lost loved ones.

"They lost their lives because of General Motors. I'd like to see them do the right thing and get those vehicles off the street,” Rosie Cortinas said.

The crash that killed Amador and his best friend happened on Highway 19 in Greenleaf. He was driving westbound on the highway when his car suddenly veered into the eastbound lane. He crashed head-on with another vehicle.

The Cortinas family now searches for answers.

They met with GM CEO Marry Barra last week and were disappointed with her lack of response.

"We were telling our stories of who our sons were; you know, hopefully that it would have touched her, but to me she didn't really act very humane about it... All the questions she always answered (for) us she couldn't answer that,” Cortinas said.

The family is now involved with a group called GM Recall Survivors. They try to spread the word about the recalls.

Amador’s sister Monica Coronado is also an advocate for her brother.

“It's not something replaceable, like I've said before,” Coronado said. “No dollar amount is ever going to bring that back, so the only thing we can be now are voices for our loved ones that we've lost."