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Happy Birthday Boise Towne Square Mall

Happy Birthday Boise Towne Square Mall

By Nicole Pineda. CREATED Oct 19, 2013

A quarter of a century ago, the area near Boise Towne Square was farmland. Now, it's hard to imagine the mall not being there. Even still, since then, they have grown tremendously, and watched the community around them grow up as well.

We dug deep in the Channel 6 archives to find this footage of the mall's opening 25 years ago. Back in 1988, when the doors opened for the first time, the mall had four anchor stores including Sears and JCPenney's and 130 other retailers.

"Changes in the past twenty five years are huge. When we opened we were essentially out in the middle of nowhere, and now if you look around us, it truly is the hub of retail."

Indeed, the area around the mall did seem to grow up all around it; certainly not somewhere you could describe as in the middle of nowhere anymore. But as the valley's population explodes, so does the retail industry. It isn't hard to find a new strip mall or shopping complex going in. So what keeps mall shoppers coming back?

"We have first-to- the-market retailers, and we have unique retailers such as Apple and Coach. We also have Aldo Shoes & H&M, and so we have a collection to the Treasure Valley that will continue to bring our shoppers here."

Holiday shopping is just around the corner. The Village, the valley's newest shopping complex just held their grand opening on Friday. But managers at the mall don't seem to be sweating it.

"We already have a core base of customers that we've really been working on, that i think will stay here. I'm not worried."

As part of it's birthday celebration, the mall is celebrating schools. They will be donating $25,000 to one local school. To participate just nominate your favorite school at one of the entry points. The drawing will be held at the end of the month. The mall is expecting some new retailers to join them this year... J-Jill and the Art of Shaving will be coming on board. And Kierce says,  expect to see even more new stores in 2014.