Governor asks ISP to investigate corrections company -

Governor asks ISP to investigate corrections company


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Governor asks ISP to investigate corrections company

By Jake Melder. CREATED Feb 18, 2014

Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter sent a letter to Idaho State Police Col. Ralph Powell asking for a criminal investigation into the records of the Corrections Corporation of America, who ran Idaho’s largest private prison for more than a decade.

This is after an audit conducted by the forensic auditing firm KPMG found evidence of understaffing and falsification of information in CCA’s documentation.

In the letter, Gov. Otter says "I believe the public interest would benefit from a formal criminal investigation into the acknowledged falsification of Corrections Corporation of America's staffing records at the Idaho Correctional Center during 2012... put whatever time, personnel, and resources are necessary at the disposal of conducting it in a thorough and timely manner."

CCA has previously come under fire for employees allowing inmates to fight without guards intervening. On Your Side previously spoke with a former employee of CCA and heard of his first-hand account of being given empty pepper spray cans and broken radios.

"We were given empty containers and fake it,” said former Sgt. Leonard King, who worked for CCA for six years. “Point it at the inmate if there's a problem and threaten to spray them with nothing in the container. It's basically just for looks. They were real radios, but the batteries were dead on them or the call buttons were broken so when you tried to activate your radio no signal was given."

The Governor's call for an investigation is a 180 on this issue. Otter had previously denied the Attorney General's request to investigate the CCA.