Financial problems force Valley Crisis Center to close -

Financial problems force Valley Crisis Center to close


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Financial problems force Valley Crisis Center to close

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Sep 12, 2013

The Valley Crisis Center in Nampa- which houses women and children victims of domestic violence- is closing. A history of financial problems left the Valley Crisis Center Board of Directors no choice but to permanently close its doors Friday.

The women and children currently staying at the shelter will be able to stay for 30 more days, then will likely move to other shelters in the Treasure Valley.

At any given time, Canyon County witness coordinator Aleshea Boals is working on 65 domestic violence related cases- and she’s only one of ten witness coordinators in the county.

“Domestic violence is a prominent issue, and once a victim even reports it to law enforcement we want to take their concern seriously and treat them very kindly,” Boals said. “They’re in such a fragile state when they first call the police, and then as they move through the stages it’s very frightening and they’re very fragile.”

Boals says, on average, it takes eight times for a victim to endure a beating before they ever call the police. “Then when you call police the first time you may even start to get frightened or scared and even back off a bit and say, ‘Oh no, I just want this to go away.’”

The time when a victim leaves a violent relationship is the most dangerous, but can also be the most beneficial.

“When you really get to the stage where you are ready to leave and you leave the house, this is a giant step in the mind and the life of a victim,” Boals said.

If you need shelter there are three places you can go: Hope’s Door in Caldwell, the Boise Rescue Mission and the WCA in Boise.

If you are a victim of domestic crime, contact your local law enforcement agency, Nampa Family Justice Center, or Faces in Boise.