Farmers fleeing fire set up on streets of Boise -

Farmers fleeing fire set up on streets of Boise


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Farmers fleeing fire set up on streets of Boise

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Aug 25, 2013

 The Beaver Creek fire forced many businesses in the Wood River Valley to shut their doors, but it also put a damper on things for local farmers and vendors that rely on farmers markets to make a living.

Thick smoke and evacuation orders forced Ketchum and Hailey leaders to temporarily shut down their farmer’s markets that usually run every Tuesday and Thursday.

Luckily for them, organizers at Boise’s downtown Capitol City Public Market are allowing those vendors to set up shop in Boise at no charge.

“The fires were so bad up there that we actually weren’t allowed to set up last week,” Mike Robison from Bear Hands Farms said. “It cost us quite a bit of money.”

Robison says they lost about 800 dollars last week when they weren’t allowed to set up and about 600 dollars the week before when they chose not to because of the smoky conditions.

Robison sells organic goat’s milk lotions, scrubs and soaps, but other vendors from the Ketchum and Hailey markets deal with fresh produce that they otherwise would have to throw away.

“A lot of these vendors have a perishable product,” executive director of Capitol City Public Market Lisa Duplessie said. “Judd from Wood River organics, his products will only last a week or so at a time and he’s got a lot, and now is the height of the season, so it was a really big loss for them to not have a place to sell.”

Seven vendors from Hailey and Ketchum joined the crowds in Boise this Saturday – two produce, two specialty food stands, and two artisans.

Duplessie extended the invitation to these vendors for next week as well, so if you’re in the Boise area Saturday, stop by the Public Market downtown from 9:30am-1:30pm.