Family angry over delays in GM safety recall -

Family angry over delays in GM safety recall


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Family angry over delays in GM safety recall

By Lauren Johnson. CREATED May 15, 2014

Nothing is going to bring him back to me, and so my mission is to save other people’s lives, and that's what I would like to do, until GM will accept the fact that they are killing these people," says Rosie Cortinas, the mother of Amador Cortinas who was killed in October when the car he was driving  malfunctioned.

"I remember him hugging me and calling me lady. And, you know, it's just so hard. It's so hard to live without him,” Rosie says. On Your Side reporter Lauren Johnson showed both Rosie and Amador’s sister Monica the safety recall letter for the Chevy Cobalt.

The letter was sent to a Boise resident last month – it’s the same car Amador was driving in when he was killed. The letter clearly states the problem, but what troubles the women is this sentence: “Parts are not presently available to remedy your vehicle.”

"I don't know how many people have to die," Monica says.

In April, the women traveled to Washington, D.C., along with other families who had lost loved ones.

“The last toll, just in a Cobalt itself, is 60 deaths," says Monica. What they heard in Washington, and what they see in the letter are two very different stories, and the women feel there is only one solution — to get the vehicles off the road.