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FBI takes over Idaho prison investigation


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FBI takes over Idaho prison investigation

By Roland Beres. CREATED Mar 7, 2014

The company that ran the Idaho prison dubbed "gladiator school" -- because of its lawless reputation -- is now the subject of an FBI investigation.

Corrections Corporation of America is accused of fraud and even admits employees falsified reports to cover up understaffing issues.
Today, On Your Side got reaction from two attorneys who are suing CCA, and say state leaders turned a blind eye.

"This facility has been ridiculously, unreasonably hazardous for everyone." says whistle blower attorney Andrew Schoppe.
Video of a riot at what many call Gladiator School hammers that point home.
But even after evidence of understaffing at Idaho's largest prison came to light more than a year ago, nothing was done.

"Idaho taxpayers literally were misled for a year that an investigation was underway when there never was." says ACLU attorney Leo Morales, "Who's to blame for that? Probably a multitude of parties, department of correctios, the governor's office, and CCA are all culprits of lying to and misleading the Idaho taxpayers."
The Associated Press reports that the FBI got involved last month after Democrats in the statehouse asked the agency to get involved.

"You've got a Tennessee company running an Idaho prison. That's the sort of thing that gets the FBI involved." says Schoppe.

"This company is a very profitable one. A fortune 500 company and yet it can't or won't spend the money to make sure staff and inmates are safe."

"The fact is CCA has been lying to Idaho taxpayers and has cheated taxpayers out of millions of dollars."
Now that the FBI is involved, the hope is that lawsuits can move forward to get that taxpayer money back.