Doctors warn of drowning out of water -

Doctors warn of drowning out of water


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Doctors warn of drowning out of water

By Christopher Oswalt. CREATED Jun 11, 2014

Kids across Idaho are out of school and hitting the pool. Tonight doctors are issuing a warning about a deadly phenomenon that can occur out of the water. It's sometimes referred to as "secondary drowning".

There haven’t been any case in Idaho, but four kids have already died across the country from this form of drowning.

Doctors say it happens when someone jumps into the water too quick, inhaling too much water. Symptoms don't show up right away They usually start a few hours after exiting the pool, sometimes even a day later.

The biggest sign of a problem is trouble breathing. Dr. Mark Durban says if not taken seriously, the consequences can be deadly.

"Children who have had a significant event will have a cough. Any kind of discoloration of the fingertips, the lips themselves, sinking of the ribs, belly breathing, nasal flaring," Durban said.

Urban and water safety experts say the best way to protect your children is to watch your children closely and swim lessons.