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Daredevil cancels retry of Evel Knievel jump

Daredevil cancels retry of Evel Knievel jump

By The Associated Press. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) -- One of two motorcycle daredevils is calling off plans to try to attempt a jump over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho that Evel Knievel failed to complete 40 years ago.

The Times-News reports "Big Ed" Beckley of Texas made the announcement on his website Saturday.

Despite spending $1.6 million on the project, Beckley has faced multiple challenges preparing for the jump near Twin Falls ever since he announced his plans nearly a year ago. Most recently, Fox Broadcasting opted out of the jump because of budget concerns and time restraints.

Beckley says he won't attempt the jump unless a network pays him several millions of dollars so he can recoup his costs.

Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun's attorney says he will still jump the canyon Sept. 7.

This is the issued statement from www.bigedbeckley.net:

"For those of you who have not heard we are not doing the Snake River Canyon Jump this year and who knows yet if we ever will do it.

We are still trying to get a media partner for 2015 but we have dumped over a million bucks of our own cash money in this project and will not get it back until we get that big TV deal we thought we had until FOX TV backed out.

We are not a ego maniac that will do something other than a motorcycle jump over that Canyon. When we were asked if we would put together a simple rocket launch and we said, ” No but Hell No!” If we do any jump it will be with a motorcycle based vehicle not simply a rocket on a rail. This was always supposed to be a Jump over the Snake River Canyon not a rocket launch.

If no TV Network wants to pay us several million dollars to do this the way we have told people we would do it then we shall walk away. We are not going to sink any more money in that project until we see some huge return on our money. I was never going to do this “because it needed to be done” I was doing this strictly for the business aspect and there is no reason to take risks for the heck of it. It is in God’s hands and we shall follow his lead wherever this jumping career takes us.

Thanks to our friends and fans for trying to help us we keep giving you all the truth and the respect you so deserve."