City of Boise sues ACHD over parking meter fight -

City of Boise sues ACHD over parking meter fight

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City of Boise sues ACHD over parking meter fight

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

The fight between the City of Boise and the Ada County Highway District has a new twist tonight, as Boise has filed a lawsuit against ACHD.

The lawsuit asked a judge to issue a restraining order to keep ACHD from removing parking meter sensors around City Hall. The judge denied that request.

Boise installed the new parking meters without permits last year and just yesterday filed a permit to get the okay to keep them.

ACHD has demanded they be removed or sign a licensing agreement something the city says it won’t do.

Even before the lawsuit had been filed ACHD Commissioners had scheduled a meeting for Monday to discuss the sensors. ACHD has told Boise the sensors can remain in place for now.

The City of Boise released this statement following news of the lawsuit.  Spokesman Adam Park writes:

After seeing the premature action yesterday by ACHD to begin removal of the sensors with no prior notice to citizens or businesses, the city felt it was important to ensure no action was taken before the permit application review was complete.  With today's announcement by ACHD that the sensors will not be removed for the immediate future, the City has achieved the result it was hoping for.   


We look forward to ACHD’s action on the permits and hope this matter can be resolved so that citizens can begin enjoying the benefits of easily finding parking spots and extending parking time using their smart phone.