Champion Bull Bushwacker competes in local PBR event -

Champion Bull Bushwacker competes in local PBR event


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Champion Bull Bushwacker competes in local PBR event

By Roland Beres. CREATED Apr 4, 2014

 Outside of horse racing, there's probably never been such a famous sporting animal as the bull they call Bushwacker.
He's a world champion who's known for grinding cowboys into the dirt.
And he's making a stop here on his farewell tour.
The animal mind behind this face is something cowboys just can't figure out.

"Nothin's the same. Everything's different. He might go out and blow as high as the sky and come around to the left. Or he might hit and come to the right. It all depends on what mood or how he feels the cowboy on him."
Julio Moreno owns Bushwacker, the toughest bull in the PBR.
No cowboy has ridden him this year and only two have ever lasted 8 seconds.
52 others have tasted dirt.

"He's one of a kind. I don't know. But his dad was a champion and his mom's dad was good so pedigree helps." says Moreno.

This is Bushwackers last year as a pro.
And though he probably doesn't know it, his life after sports, looks bright.

"Probably turn him out in pasture with some cows and have a lot of girlfriends. 20 of them probably." says Moreno.

They call him the million dollar bull.
And for Moreno, he's more than that, he's the world championship that always escaped him as a cowboy.

"I was runner up to world 2-3 times so this is my world champion right here. Bushwacker." says Moreno.
Bushwacker is so popular he has 18,000 friends on Facebook.