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Central GOP Committee Members Vote in New Chairman


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Central GOP Committee Members Vote in New Chairman

By Tammy Scardino. CREATED Aug 2, 2014

The state Republican convention in June brought out strong opinions as far as who should be the chairman.

On Saturday, members of the Idaho Central GOP Committee decided who will fill that post. In all, three individuals were considered to fill the vacancy.

With red proxy voting cards in hand, members of the GOP committee members representing different parts of the state stood up as names of the nominated were called out.

They included Mike Duff of Blackfoot, Steve Yates of Idaho Falls, and Doug Pickett of Cassia County.

Damond Watkins, one of three Idahoans on the Republican National Committee and vice president of corporate relations at Melaleuca, led the charge.

"We have a couple of months before November, big races,” he said. “Some of our constitutional officers are heavily challenged."

Duff was the first to address the crowd.

"Today we have a historic opportunity to unite our party in purpose, to rise in defense of our constitution, our rights and our liberties,” Duff said.

After asserting that no training would be necessary if voted in, Duff sat down.

It was then Yates turn to speak. He pointed out that he’s only been living in Idaho for the past three years. Yates is from Maryland.

"I've lived my life listening and working with people of different points of view. I have my own views,” Yates said. “But, I don't see the role of chairman as trying to impose those views on all of you."

Pickett utilized his five minutes to talk about how important it is for party members to work together and move in a more positive direction.

“We have great energy as Republicans and that is because we have time-honored values and principles that we know we can stand on," Pickett said.

It took about two hours until the decision was announced.

“I would like to invite Mr. Yates to come up as our new party chairman,” Watkins said.

Yates said his number one priority is to revive the basic infrastructure of the Idaho GOP. After that, he said he plans to focus on gathering input from regional leaders and committee members in preparation for the November election.