California mom concerned about missing Boise soldier's whereabouts -

California mom concerned about missing Boise soldier's whereabouts

California mom concerned about missing Boise soldier's whereabouts

By Nicole Pineda . CREATED Jul 21, 2013

The family and friends of a 26-year old Boise man wait for word tonight. Searchers have been combing the Boise mountains for the past few days; and still no sign of Erik Jorgenson.


"On Thursday night he sent out a mass text message basically saying he was a waste of oxygen on this earth," said Cindy Crow, Erik’s mother. A message to make a mother's heart stop.

The moment Cindy Crow received that text message from her son; she left her home in California and headed to Idaho. She called police to check on him but they only confirmed what she already knew Erik was missing.

The only clues he left behind a text message and his beloved dog. Friends and family all agree Erik would never leave his best friend.

Erik suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder after serving for a year in Afghanistan. His mother says this month is a particularly bad one.

"These guys come back and they're trained to be strong and they hesitate to get help. Eric finally went probably in November I convinced him to go to the V.A. and just get help finding someone to talk to," Cindy said.

Erik is a member of the National Guard.

Former military police officer Maggie Haswell-Sheppard heard a fellow service member was in trouble, and joined the efforts Saturday.

"Erik if you're out there and you're watching this, your mom is worried. Come home, hon. We're all here for you brother. We know your pain and we love you," pleaded Haswell-Sheppard.

Haswell-Sheppard says two separate people told her they'd spotted Erik's truck in the Arrowrock area.

But as of now -- there's still no sign of him.

"He's just an amazing kid, and he has a big heart and I want him to come home," cried Cindy.

Erik’s friends and family need your help.


Erik drives a 2013 Dodge Ram, License plate number S58329. The truck is jacked up, has a black grill and black rims. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

They are in need of volunteers to join their search party. Call Maggie at 724-7123.