Bike lanes are now open in downtown Boise -

Bike lanes are now open in downtown Boise


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Bike lanes are now open in downtown Boise

By Patricia McDonald. CREATED May 1, 2014

New bike lanes are officially open in Downtown Boise and an ACHD pilot program is underway.
On Your side spoke with a number of people today about the bike lanes. Most of the feedback was positive.

ACHD replaced the right hand vehicle lane with a bike lane on some downtown streets. Thursday was the first day that people were able to test out the bike lanes on Capitol, Main, and Idaho.

Most people seem to like the change. Even drivers like the idea.

“If it protects the bicycles and it protects the cars too and the bicycles know where they belong and the cars know where they shouldn't be,” said Ron Aylesworth who drives downtown.

ACHD says this pilot is going to last for at least a month. Then, they will evaluate the project during the third week of the month.

If you have used the bike lanes, you can sound off to ACHD about the changes. People can take the online survey here.

They can also call or email ACHD with comments.