Bike share program gets rolling -

Bike share program gets rolling


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Bike share program gets rolling

By J Bates. CREATED Dec 26, 2013

BOISE - The second attempt at a bike share program in downtown Boise is upgraded and getting ready to roll. The Boise Bike Share program is scheduled to debut some time in the summer of 2014 with bikes for rent to encourage people downtown to use alternate transportation.

The director for the project Dave Fotsch says bids are due at the end of the week for the actual bikes and equipment needed, but they also need feedback on where to put stations. "We want them to chime in, and tell us where they would like to have bike share stations, but they have to realize that they have to be pretty close together in order for the system to work."

The cooperative arrangement between Boise city and Valley Transit hopes to have the bikes ready to roll by summer. These bikes aren't meant to rent for the day, but for short rides around downtown.

You can find more information, and offer feedback for where stations should go by heading to

This map below shows where the location of the bicycles will be across the downtown area.

This map below shows the distance that the bicycles can be taken across Boise.