BSU fans brave the cold -

BSU fans brave the cold


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BSU fans brave the cold

By Jake Melder. CREATED Nov 16, 2013

Unfortunately the cold did keep some tailgaters away today.

The parking lot outside the stadium was a little sparse, but those who came out to brave the cold came prepared with some unique ways of staying warm.

With temperatures never leaving the mid forties, it wasn't exactly an ideal day for tailgating. But inclement weather couldn't chase off the devoted ones.

People bundled up, brought out the heaters and set up their game day stations.

BSU fan Jake Gillish shared his tricks.

"We got heated jackets,” he said. “You just got to keep your feet moving. Plus you just go and run in on these people with their little heaters. We huddle together, like men of old."

With the game starting late, there was concern that people would drink more and become rowdy. Thankfully police said there were few incidents and people were behaving themselves.

As for the fans, they were ready to watch the Broncos play.

"I love cheering, I like to see a good game,” said Andy Phelps. “Of course a good game is when Boise State wins.”