BREAKING: Boise’s MotivePower plant announces layoffs -

BREAKING: Boise’s MotivePower plant announces layoffs

BREAKING: Boise’s MotivePower plant announces layoffs

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Apr 4, 2014

The Idaho Department of Labor has confirmed the Motive Power locomotive production facility in southeast Boise has announced it will be laying off 162 employees, starting June 4th.

MotivePower and its Pennsylvania-based parent company Wabtec Corporation, sent a letter to the Department of Labor Friday announcing the layoffs.

In the letter, the layoffs were described as “temporary.”

No specific reason was given for the layoffs, nor did the letter outline how long the workers would be without jobs.

The letter said the layoffs would continue “on a weekly basis” over several months.

In an e-mail to the On Your Side newsroom, Motive Power/Wabtech media spokesman Tim Wesley confirmed the workforce reductions, stating, “Over the next several months, MotivePower will complete several large locomotive projects. We are actively bidding on new projects, but we cannot predict the timing of those projects or how many we will win. As a result, we plan to reduce our production and administrative work force over the next several months. We believe strongly in the long term prospects for this business and believe these short term actions, while regrettable, will strengthen MotivePower for the future.”

“MotivePower has built and overhauled locomotives in Boise since 1972. over the years, employment has fluctuated based on its backlog of projects,” Wesley added.

Wabtec Corporation was formed by the merger of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company and MotivePower Corporation in 1999.

It is headquartered Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh.