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BPD warns of vehicle wrapping scam

BPD warns of vehicle wrapping scam

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

Boise Police are reporting a scam that resulted in one victim losing $2,000.

The scam centers around an e-mail which offers cash to car owners willing to have their vehicles wrapped with a company logo with a well known brand.

The scam claims that if the person agrees to have their vehicle wrapped with a logo, then they will receive several hundred dollars. The scammers then send a check to the victim for a large sum of money. The victims are told that the check is a portion of their payment and to wire the rest of money to the “company” who will then provide the vehicle wrap.

The checks are found to be fraudulent by the bank and then the bank demands money from the victim.

One victim is out $2,000 and another victim called police after realizing it was scam.

“Education is the key to eliminating victims in this scam and dozens of others like it,” said Det. Wade Spain, a financial crimes investigator with Boise Police. “Especially those of us who are in need of extra cash, these offers sound so easy which makes them attractive. But do your homework. It’s very hard to tell a victim they will not be getting their cash back.”