Art in the Bar exhibits eclectic artworks -

Art in the Bar exhibits eclectic artworks


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Art in the Bar exhibits eclectic artworks

By Jake Melder. CREATED May 4, 2014

From the familiar, to the not-so-familiar, the quirky, and the straight-up bizarre, artists filled the Knitting Factory in Bodo with their unique pieces for the tenth installment of Art in the Bar.

"The more hodgepodge the better," said Ellen De Angelis, the producer of the art show. If hodgepodge is good, the show on Sunday was spectacular. No two booths looked the same.

"We like the cool, the creepy, the dark, the underground, the raw, the edgy, the urban,” De Angelis said. “We like all of those things so that's where the hodgepodge comes together."

Industrial antiques transformed into masks? They've got that. Animal skulls painted into vibrant wall hangers? Got that too. Things you see in your nightmares? Yeah, there's plenty of that.

"There's such a wide variety of things going on here that it's given me a lot of ideas for new things I can do," said artist Jordan Schwartz. Her own unique art involves taking a large piece of black paper, and cutting out parts to make ornate pictures.

Not only is Art in the Bar a chance for artists to show their creations, it was a chance for them to dream about future works.

"There's so much inspiration that takes place just from looking at other people's perspectives on the world," said Randy Rasmussen. Rasmussen turns feathers into unique masks. For him, creating the masks is a spiritual experience. He uses feathers because birds are the epitome of freedom.

From paint on canvas, to masks made of feathers, the Art in the Bar exhibit showed, art can come from anywhere.

Art in the Bar exhibits come twice a year. No date has been announced for the next one, but organizers plan on doing it in the fall.

More than 50 artists participated Sunday.