Archery interest sparked after release of Hunger Games -

Archery interest sparked after release of Hunger Games


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Archery interest sparked after release of Hunger Games

By Karen Lehr. CREATED Dec 1, 2013

Since the release of the Hunger Games movies, more and more women and children are flocking to archery ranges. The sport is no longer dominated by men in camouflage and experienced hunters.

“The women and the children are our main focus now,” Dead On Archery owner TJ Hoffhines said. “Before it was mainly adults and a little bit of females, and now the children are the big focus in our market.”

Hoffhines says he had no idea how huge the Hunger Games would be for the archery business.

“We didn’t realize it was going to do what it did,” Hoffhines said. “The boom, we were not ready for it. Christmas time last year we ran out so fast because we only had a few youth bows in here. Everything has changed.”

Dead On Archery in Meridian frequently gets groups of young boys and girls trying out archery for the first time. On Saturday mornings you can find up to 40 kids taking to the targets.

11-year-old Keelie Mills wanted to give it a shot after watching Hunger Games.

“Katniss, well she’s my favorite and she’s a really good archer,” Mills said. “So it was fun just watching her shoot because she almost never misses a target.”

Dead On Archery has traditional targets, 3-D animal targets, and video simulations.

They offer group and solo lessons. If you decide to give it a shot may the odds be ever in your favor.