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App helps with lost and found


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App helps with lost and found

By CREATED Aug 6, 2014

Boise Police are spearheading a campaign, asking people to register their valuables to an app that will revolutionize returning lost items.

Track mole lets users input the serial number of any item into their system. If the item is lost, whoever finds it simply enters the serial number into the app and a notification is sent to the owner.

Each year, police are unable to return tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen items. Using this app will cut those losses and help prosecute burglars.

"Every property crime detective in the valley said ‘wow, this is what we've been looking for. This is great.’ So Meridian, Eagle, Ada County, Garden City, Star, they're all coming on board and they're going to get behind this as well," said Boise Police detective Jeff Dustin.

The app is already being used in Seattle, Portland and cities across the Northwest.