Ada County Sheriff's Office deputies to wear body cameras -
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Ada County Sheriff's Office deputies to wear body cameras

Ada County Sheriff's Office deputies to wear body cameras

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED Aug 4, 2014

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office has announced that officers will now be using body cameras to document interactions with the public.

The technology is a first for Ada County and will provide information for investigators following routine traffic stops and other police related issues.

Ada County Sheriffs Gary Raney said, “Why not collect as much information as we can to do our jobs better? This system allows us to do that,” Raney said. “In-car or “dashcam” video systems are outdated. Having cameras on our deputies will give us the most complete view of interactions between them and members of the community. We believe the public expects us to know exactly what is happening on the streets. Now we have that ability.”

Currently, five deputies have been outfitted with a Taser Axon body camera on Friday and by end of the rollout, 70 deputies will have body cameras.

According to ACSO, deputies will tape vehicle pursuits, traffic stops, investigative contacts, use of force situations and crimes in progress.

The cameras will not use interactions with crime victims or cooperative witnesses.

Deputies wear the camera on their uniforms. To start audio and video recording, they just push a button on the front. Tapping the button twice turns the camera and microphone off.

Deputies will download all videos recorded at the end of each shift. The videos are stored on servers maintained by Taser but are available to deputies and investigators over the internet.