Group of volunteers clean graffiti on Table Rock -

Group of volunteers clean graffiti on Table Rock


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Group of volunteers clean graffiti on Table Rock

By Patti McDonald. CREATED May 3, 2014

Visitors on Table Rock in Boise know that garbage and graffiti are a unsightly addition to the famous landmark.  So a group of volunteers decided to hike to the top and clean it up.

"At some point in the paper I had seen that there had been some graffiti up here and it's a relatively simple problem with a relatively simple solution so I just started to organize a movement to clean and to take care of some of our local treasures,” said Table Rock restoration project volunteer Jeff Hills.

It took several hours to remove the graffiti. Some of it is difficult to get rid of, even with a pressure washer.

"It's ruining the landscape and it's not good for the environment,” said Land Trust of the Treasure Valley volunteer Erin Murray.

However, when the graffiti is finally gone, the volunteers are relieved.

"It's really satisfying especially like I said with the pressure washer to get all of that off and see it back to it's natural state,” Murray added.

Volunteers with the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley and Friends of Table Rock started cleaning up the graffiti last year.

Hills says the cleaning efforts will continue until all of the graffiti is gone.

"The graffiti removal will be an ongoing pursuit that I think will go on indefinitely but it is satisfactory to actually remove the paint and to feel like you have made a contribution,” Hills said. “It's sort of an immediate satisfaction."