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Day camp teaches the way of the Jedi


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Day camp teaches the way of the Jedi

By J Bates. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Once upon a time in a dojo far, far away kids from around the valley came to learn the ways of the force.

“Jedi Camp is basically what kids do at home, playing Star Wars, but we take it to the next level,” says Lisa Strader who has dressed up as Princess Leia for the past ten years.

The idea for a Jedi Camp came up as an idea to get kids into the ATA Academy in Meridian during fall break. Ten years later it has grown from three characters and a dozen kids to over thirty Jedi in training.

This isn’t simply an excuse to run around and hit each other with sticks.

“We teach kind of the way of Star Wars,” says Noah Shoemaker, who dressed as Yoda this year to help teach young Padawans.

The teachers at Jedi Camp show the ways of respect and courtesy while letting the kinds have a good time with their favorite characters from the classic movies, keeping them from the ‘Dark Side’ and keeping the galaxy -- and Meridian -- in good hands.