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Local Women Turn Old Glass Into Recycled Art


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Local Women Turn Old Glass Into Recycled Art

By Jake Melder. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

Two local women are taking unwanted glass and turning it into art. They have only been doing this for a few months and already they're making a big splash.

Those old plates or bowls your grandma gave you may be out of date, but Blake Harris and Laura Olendorff are making something new out of that old glass.

They're repurposing it to make recycled art.

The ladies take old bowls or vases and attach them to old lamps. The two products - unwanted by themselves - transform into unique works of art.

Blake and Laura don't consider themselves artists, so much as responsible stewards of resources

"I've always found a way to put things together,” said Blake. “I'm not artistic in the sense that I can't draw I can't paint, but I can put things together and make them work."

"Everybody is so disposable these days,” Laura said. “They just throw things away instead of finding another way to use it and you know make it a beautiful thing in your life instead of just something that goes in the trash can."

Things don't always go as planned for the ladies and pieces break. But to stay true to their repurposing mission they give the broken glass to artists making mosaics.

If you're interested in seeing more repurposed pieces of art go to Repurpose Driven’s Facebook page.