Nampa Schools superintendent resigns -

Nampa Schools superintendent resigns

Nampa Schools superintendent resigns

By Roland Beres. CREATED Sep 25, 2012

Nampa's superintendent of schools, Gary Larsen, has resigned. This after the district was rocked by the realization in early August that it miscalculated it's budget by millions of dollars.

Idaho On Your Side has learned the financial problems are worse than anyone realized. It's now it's up to a shellshocked board to deal with it. Board vice chair Dale Wheeler was stunned when he learned his friend and mentor of 12 years was leaving.

"I talked to Mr. Larsen on Thursday and he said he wanted to resign," said Wheeler. Four days later, that decision became official, and Wheeler says it wasn't easy.

"I told him I was sorry it had to come to his retirement and I'm not afraid to say I gave him a hug," he said. The resignation comes after the district realized it miscalculated it's budget by nearly three million dollars leading to higher costs for parents and a policy of volunteer substitutes. Wheeler says Larsen thought it best to resign.

"He took it very personal the situation with the district," said Wheeler. It could take a year to find a permanent replacement, but in the meantime, Wheeler says the board will keep things running and parents shouldn't be worried that their kids education will suffer.

"I can tell you that the financial position of the district is stable and we're able to pay our bills," he said. How stable is unclear but Wheeler confirmed that the financial shortfall of the school is actually worse than two point eight million, but he said he wasn't briefed on the full amount.

The school district has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow night at seven to discuss Larsen's resignation.