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Firework stands; what happens now?

Fireworks stands have covered just about every corner in the valley for the past month, but now that the fireworks sales have stopped, what happens to the hundred of fireworks that go unsold? And what happens to the stand operators whose business comes to a complete halt after the 4th.

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Confederate flag at 4th of July celebration sparks controversy

A confederate flag spotted at celebrations in Ann Morrison park sparks conversation about heritage and hate.

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Idaho man dies in rollover crash, alcohol a likely factor

Authorities say alcohol consumption is suspected to be a factor in a rollover crash that killed an Idaho man in eastern Oregon.

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Ex-ISU professor files judicial misconduct against judge

A former Idaho State University professor has filed a judicial misconduct complaint against a federal judge, alleging an appearance of impropriety.

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Mass. police need help identifying toddler who washed ashore

The identity of a toddler-aged girl who was found inside a trash bag that washed ashore on June 25 remains a mystery.

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