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  • 23 minutes ago Video News

Dogs can get the flu too

A canine influenza outbreak in the Midwest has some pet owners in the valley concerned.

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  • 23 minutes ago Video Outdoors

Turning roadkill into good eats

In Idaho hunting is a way of life for many, but accidents between vehicles and wildlife are as well. Now an unlucky driver can salvage more than their car if they take on a moose, it just takes a quick call to Idaho Fish and Game.

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  • 44 minutes ago International

Death toll rises following Nepal earthquake

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) -- The official number of dead from Saturday's Himalayan earthquake has topped 2,500 and may continue to rise as remote areas near the epicenter are searched.

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  • 50 minutes ago Outdoors

Low snow pack could have pluses for rafters

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- The low winter snow pack may have some positive consequences for some outdoor enthusiasts.

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Dismembered infant found in L.A. backyard

Authorities need the public's help after claiming 'significant portions of the body are still missing.'

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