Firefighter stages school fire drill to propose to girlfriend


Firefighter stages school fire drill to propose to girlfriend

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

With two weeks of planning under his belt and the support of his firehouse behind him, firefighter Justin Deierling staged a school fire drill to propose to his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, while she was teaching. 

Deierling had his brother Adam film the momentous occasion, which was later uploaded to YouTube

Watch above as Deierling readies himself at the firehouse and then rides the truck over to Greentown School in North Canton, Ohio, where Zahorec and the rest of the teachers and student body are standing outside having just exited the school for the fake drill.

Deierling's appearance shocks Zahorec, who then points to the side of the truck where a sign reads, "Ms. Z - Will You Marry Me? I Love You, Justin." Deierling thus drops to his knees and holds out her ring.

"I met Megan volunteering at the fire station," Deierling shared with The Huffington Post in an email post-proposal. "We passed out water to kids in a walk-a-thon. I knew instantly that she was someone special by the way that she interacted with the kids. I wanted to incorporate how we met and the kids, who she adores, into the proposal."

The video further shows that Deierling even adorably brought hundreds of Ring Pops for his fellow firefighters to hand out to the students once back inside their classrooms.

Deierling and Zahorec were engaged on March 19. 

Julianne Cassidy

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