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The Bachelor Chat

The Bachelor Chat


You are hereby invited to a bachelor party! 

No, it's not that kind of bachelor party; although we're pretty sure a hot tub will be involved. Of course you all know we're talking about The Bachelor, our favorite way of following one special gentleman during his incredible journey to be a bachelor no more. With 25 available women and one sexy single guy all looking for that special someone, the road to true love can be very surprising, and often quite steamy. Here's how it works: 

One lucky gentleman is introduced to 25 lovely ladies. Our beloved bachelor gets to spend a little time with each and every woman he meets. Sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one. There are even times when the bachelor must take out two women at once. It's a whole new spin on "double dating." Hoping for a goodnight kiss, girls? Well, take a number and wait your turn.