Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


    An unlikely romance between a beautiful human teen and a sensitive undead slacker

sets off a chain of events with the power to transform the world in Warm Bodies, the hilarious

and heartwarming zombie action rom‐com based on the popular novel by Isaac Marion.

It’s a familiar scenario—a mysterious virus has devastated civilization, turning its victims

into flesh‐eating monsters without memories of their past lives. What is left of humanity is

holed up in heavily fortified bunkers where they live in fear of their former loved ones. But all

that changes when a ravenous zombie hunting party crosses paths with a human

reconnaissance crew scavenging supplies. R (Nicholas Hoult), a soulful zombie, is so captivated

by the lovely and living Julie (Teresa Palmer) that, instead of eating her brains, he saves her from

being consumed by his companions.  

     Taking her back to the zombie‐ridden airport he calls home, R hides Julie in an

abandoned 747 filled with treasures he has collected during his hunting expeditions—vinyl

records, snow globes, musical instruments and other lost relics of a saner time. Over the next

few days in their surprisingly cozy hideaway, the feisty Julie awakens long‐forgotten feelings in

R, while she begins to realize there is more to him than a vacant stare and a slow‐motion


    Confused by her feelings, Julie returns to her walled‐off city where her father (John

Malkovich), a ruthless zombie hunter, leads a well‐armed security force. Meanwhile, the

lovelorn R has begun to change in ways he never thought possible and believes his connection

with Julie could be the salvation of the human race. But when he shows up at her doorstep, it

sparks an all‐out war between the living and the undead that threatens to derail the couple’s

chance of a future together. A fresh twist on a classic love story, Warm Bodies offers a

surprisingly romantic look at the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse—and reminds us what it

means to be human.