Fight Holiday Fat

Fight Holiday Fat


The tool, created courtesy of alli® - the only FDA-approved weight loss aid available without a prescription - combines three core elements for the weight conscious specifically during the holidays - diet, physical activity and motivation. It helps track individual goals and prepare for long-term success with features such as follow-along fitness videos and healthy, reduced calorie and low-fat recipes. Plus, Samantha will share how she plans to stay on track this holiday season and favorite tips for defeating temptation, including:


*Making healthy low-fat food choices: Swap out the high fat ingredients in your favorite holiday recipe for healthier options. For example, instead of using whole eggs and milk in your eggnog, opt for egg whites and fat free milk.


*Snacking Often: Have healthy snacks at hand to keep you from reaching for holiday goodies. Almonds, apples, and whole-grain crackers are low-fat and easy to pack! Try a peppermint candy cane (fat-free!) to satisfy your sweet tooth temptation.


*Exercise. Exercise. Exercise: Her secrets for finding small ways to fit in exercise will help maintain your weight and energy throughout the season.


*Planning Ahead: Eat a low-fat snack at home before heading out to a holiday party to help you stay on track and avoid over-indulging in unhealthy choices.


*Keeping Stress Levels Low: Eating healthy and exercising will play a big part in keeping holiday stress at bay. Keeping stress levels low also helps prevent weight gain.