Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department

Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department


Ordinary kitchen cooking grease can be a real terror in the pipes beneath your home and in our sanitary sewage system. Over time grease build-up clogs pipes, reduces sewage flow, and acts as a magnet for other debris.

Eventually this build-up can clog pipes enough to result in a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO). An SSO is the backup of raw sewage into the street, the environment or even into your home through your sinks, showers or toilets.

Help tame the Grease Monster who threatens our homes, schools and businesses. When cooking with grease or oil, pour the used liquid into a can for disposal. Once the hot grease has cooled, just toss it in the trash.

Wipe additional grease from pots, pans and plates with a paper towel before placing them in the sink or dishwasher.