Woman kicked out of Christian school for marrying girlfriend

Woman kicked out of Christian school for marrying girlfriend

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 15, 2014

Christian Minard and Kadyn Parks were married earlier this year in New Mexico, but instead of being able to celebrate their union, the couple has found themselves at the center of national attention.

Minard, 22, and Parks are in a same-sex relationship, which is a problem for the school that Minard attended.

Minard says she was expelled from Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma after school officials found out about her marriage.

The young woman received a letter from the school on July 9 informing her that she was being expelled.

According to the Huffington Post, the letter from the school's vice president of student life told Minard that he had recently learned that she married someone of the same sex and that the marriage opposes the view of the school. He also mentioned seeing photographs of the couple on Facebook.


Southwestern Christian University is affiliated with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Minard signed a student conduct code which prohibits homosexual relationships, smoking, drinking, cheating, premarital sex, discrimination, harassment and profanity. She acknowledges she broke the code, but she says that other students also break the code without being punished.

Minard and Parks met three and a half years ago. They started out as friends and eventually fell in love and decided to get married. They wed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on March 17.

Minard grew up in the Lutheran Church and says that she struggled at first with the idea that her faith was at odds with her sexuality. She now believes it is possible to have faith in God and live a gay lifestyle.

Minard, who was a senior at the time of her expulsion, told CNN that she is now trying to figure out how she is going to graduate.

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