Walmart drops price of iPhone 5C to just 97 cents


Walmart drops price of iPhone 5C to just 97 cents

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 22, 2014

If you are looking for a new iPhone, your local Walmart is selling them for just 97 cents.

Although Apple has not officially announced the existence of an iPhone 6, Walmart is getting ready for customers who want the newest model by clearing inventory of the older one.

On Thursday, the giant retailer dropped the price of the iPhone 5S to $79 and the iPhone 5C to 97 cents. The prices apply to all available colors and can only be used with a two-year contract on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or US Cellular.

According to CNET, retailers usually cut the prices of current phones they have in stock in anticipation of a new release.

However, Quartz says that people should just wait. They believe that the new iPhone will be unveiled on Sept. 9 and go on sale 10 days later. If Apple does the same thing they have previously when releasing new models, the price of the older ones will drop dramatically. So, the iPhone 5C might be free and the price of the better 5S would be pretty cheap.

According to the rumors, the new iPhone is expected to come in two sizes -- one with a 4.7 inch screen and the other with a 5.5 inch screen. In addition, it is expected to have an enhanced camera, a reversible USB cable, a new operating system and TouchID.

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