Unusual ball drops welcome New Year in many locations


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Unusual ball drops welcome New Year in many locations

CREATED Dec 31, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 31, 2013

New Year's celebrations are already underway around the world.

The ball has already dropped in New Zealand and Australia. Up next were Japan and South Korea at 7 a.m. (PT).

Most countries drop a ball. It is a tradition that started in New York City in 1904. The city made use of the relatively new technology of the light bulb.

The first 400-pound orb made of iron and wood in NYC featured 100 lightbulbs, and it was lowered down a flagpole. It was a safer alternative to fireworks, which were a bit more dangerous back then and would often cause fires.

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But not everyone drops a ball. Some cities take a much more creative approach.

In Hawaii, they use a pineapple; a MoonPie in Alabama; a peach in Atlanta; a music note in Tennessee; and "Chuck the Chicken" in Gainesville, Georgia.

In Florida, they've been dropping a ruby slipper with drag queen Gary "Sushi" Marion inside for years at a gay bar in Key West.

A city in North Carolina lowers a possum in a cage; a town in Pennsylvania uses a giant marshmallow Peep; and the city of Prairie du Chiene in Wisconsin drops a 25- to 30-pound dead carp.

And in one Wisconsin town, they use an 80-pound decorated cheese wedge.

The first place in the world that celebrates the new year is way out in the South Pacific -- the Republic of Kiribati. They don't drop anything though. They just have a party on the beach.

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