Rebecca Black releases new single titled 'Saturday'


Rebecca Black releases new single titled 'Saturday'

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Dec 7, 2013

It's two down and five to go. We are referring to the days of the week and number of songs released by Rebecca Black based on the calendar.

Yes, she has done it again. Rebecca Black, who shot to overnight fame with her single "Friday," has now released a new single titled "Saturday."

This time she has teamed up with the YouTube sensation Dave Days, who is known for his pop-punk covers and parodies of popular songs.

'Saturday' begins with Rebecca singing about getting out of bed at 2 p.m. and trying to recover from Friday. Pretty soon though, she is cruising around in a convertible and talking about partying all night.

Rebecca certainly does seem like a girl who likes to party even though she is still under the legal limit to do so. At least with alcohol. Yet, there are plenty of Red Solo cups throughout the video.

However, she is older than when she released 'Friday.' At that time, Rebecca was only 13. Now she is 16 years old.

It's possible all those cups contain healthy alternatives like whole milk or apple juice.

Reaction to the new video is mixed on Twitter. Some people seem incredulous that she has released another song but others seem to like it and say that it is better than 'Friday.'

Personally, we can't wait to hear what she likes to do on a Tuesday.


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