New release date for 'Fast & Furious 7'


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New release date for 'Fast & Furious 7'

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Dec 23, 2013

With half of the movie complete, Universal Pictures has officially delayed the release of the seventh installment of "Fast & Furious." Instead of premiering this July, the new theatrical release date is April 10, 2015. 

Co-star and close friend of the late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, broke the news to his Facebook followers on Sunday, affectionately noting: "P.S. He'd want you to know first."

CNN reports that two days before resuming production, "Walker, 40, and the rest of the 'Fast & Furious' cast were on a short break for Thanksgiving when he stepped into a red 2005 Porsche Carerra GT for a short ride around a Santa Clarita, Calif., business park." Adding, "investigators believe the car, driven by Walker's friend [Roger Rodas,] was speeding when it clipped a light pole and was engulfed in flames, killing both men."

Walker as ex-cop Brian O'Conner is said to remain in the film, however how his unfinished performance will be completed is unconfirmed at this time. On Dec. 4, a Universal rep explained, "we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on 'Fast & Furious 7' for a period of time, so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise."

"The franchise has been one of Universal's most lucrative, grossing almost $2.4 billion worldwide since 2001. The last film, 'Fast & Furious 6,' made $789 million," further notes Access Hollywood.

Yet no amount of money can suffice for the loss of such an invaluable member of the 'Fast & Furious' family, as Walker's legacy now lives on in film.

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