New drinking game Neknominate linked to several deaths



New drinking game Neknominate linked to several deaths

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Feb 17, 2014

A new drinking game that started online has spread quickly and is causing much concern.

The game is all about one-upping your friends and it is turning deadly.

The deaths of at least four people have already been linked to the new game and the victims have all been young men under the age of 30.

The premise for the game is this: People concoct challenges, drink huge amounts of alcohol, and then post video of the challenge on YouTube.

The game is called "Neknominate."

"Nek" refers to long-neck liquor bottles and the "nominate" part is because once the drinker completes the challenge, they nominate someone else to participate.

If they refuse, that person is ridiculed online.

Each nomination or challenge becomes more and more daring and outlandish.

And it's not always just about alcohol. One challenge posted online involved consuming a dead mouse.

It's not exactly known how the game started. Some say it began in Australia, but its popularity may have gotten a boost from London rugby star Ross Samson after he posted about it on Facebook on Christmas Day.

A mention of the original game called Neck and Nominate was traced back on Twitter to 2011.