Two American flags stolen from atop Brooklyn Bridge, replaced with white 'surrender' flags

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Two American flags stolen from atop Brooklyn Bridge, replaced with white 'surrender' flags

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jul 22, 2014

Two American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge were stolen overnight and alarmingly replaced with white flags.

"A police spokesman said the flag atop each tower was replaced with a white flag, which typically means surrender," reports the New York Daily News. "The Brooklyn Bridge is considered a high-profile location."

"The NYPD's Emergency Service Unit replaced both [white] flags by late Tuesday morning," details Fox News.

No note or written threat was left at the scene, however, painting supplies were found there.

According to the New York Post, "Police are trying to figure out how someone was able to gain access to the bridge, which has patrol cars stationed on both sides and also has security cameras."

"The red, white and blue flags hung on the bridge are 12-foot by 18-foot banners installed by specially trained workers from atop a precarious perch above the East River," the New York Daily News further reports. "The flags, which are illuminated at night, are fastened with steel clips and only taken down for replacement when they become frayed or weathered."

"Reaching the flags is a difficult and dangerous trip handled by specially trained Department of Transportation workers. The employees, who work in teams and are attached to a tether, walk along a quarter-mile of cable about one foot in diameter to a ladder," the New York Daily News explains. "They then climb into the sky and onto a platform where they have access to the flags. To deter any vandals, there’s no way to lower the flags — they can only be removed or replaced by going up to the platform."

The NYPD is further investigating to determine who is responsible. It also remains unconfirmed when the theft actually took place.

Click here to see pictures from the bridge with the white flags flying.

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